Between Two Pillows

081f20ec429c88c1769991911fd8bf5fThere’s a great scene in When Harry Met Sally – well, there are lots of great scenes, but I’m probably not talking about the one you’re thinking of. I’m talking about the Pictionary scene, where Sally (Meg Ryan) is trying to draw a representation of the saying “baby talk”. Jess (Bruno Kirby) shouts out, among other inanities, “Baby Fish Mouth”. At the end, Jess can’t believe that “baby talk” is an actual saying, so Harry (Billy Crystal) says to him, “…oh but Baby Fish Mouth is sweeping the nation?” (Here, go watch it. Just promise to come back, okay?)

I’ve always thought that Baby Fish Mouth would make a great name for a blog. Or an aquatic youth a cappella group. Apparently I wasn’t the only one – the domain was already taken when I came along, though it’s disappointingly devoid of content. And it’s hardly sweeping the nation. So out goes Baby Fish Mouth with the Bathwater (which is apparently not a sequel to the Christopher Durang play) and in comes Those Aren’t Pillows. Which kind of works better, no?

So what’s this blog all about? That’s too direct a question for now. I’m still getting to know it. You could say it’s part New Years Resolution, part deep-seated desire to actually write something. You could call it a commitment exercise, or an exercise in futility. Or therapy. I could tell you that an astrologer told me I should write, that I need the creative outlet. And all of those things are pretty much true.

Now for the bad news….I don’t have a content plan, I don’t have a strategy, This, right here, is as far as I’ve managed to think it all out. And yet, this also represents a major step forward for me. I’m a planner, and I like details. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist. So launching this without the structure defined, without the format determined, and without knowing what (or when) the next post will be – it’s a little unnerving. But for some reason, I’m ready now.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy. Comments, feedback and requests are all welcome!

One thought on “Between Two Pillows

  1. awokenbeauty January 11, 2016 / 3:11 am

    I love.
    I want more.
    Write more.
    And please do think of other body parts as bedding.


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