WEDDING  00274 copyANDREW SWARTZ loves to shout his name and is therefore thankful for All Caps (which is suspiciously written in Sentence Case).

Those Aren’t Pillows is his first true attempt at blogging, writing, and maintaining a meaningful web presence. He has stopped and started many other times. For this project, he has assumed the identity of The Señor, which should neither be intimidating nor surprising.

The Señor works at communicating lots of things in many different ways. He once tried to sell pianos online. More can be stalked investigated here. The opinions, ideas, ramblings, musings and miscellanea found on this site are entirely his own. He is sorry.

He recently relocated from New York City to his hometown of Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his Mexican wife, Awoken Beauty, and their tri-national daughter.

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