Seen, Read, Heard


For the past couple of years, a friend – let’s call him FitzVanderhugh because it will drive him nuts – has encouraged a media-loving, media-consuming subset of his friends to engage in a year-long ritual of logging all media consumptions (movies, TV shows, books, live events, etc.) to be shared at years-end, in the style of Steven Soderbergh.

The first year I skipped out on participating because with a newborn at home how could I possible have the mental energy and dedication to a task of this enormatude. So this past year, with two babies on board I thought it was the right time to commit myself to this endeavor.

Below you will find link(s) to my annual watchlist, along with links to my posts about these lists and links to other posts I write on movies, TV and the like.

Annual Lists

2017 Seen, Read, Heard List / Blog Post

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